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If you have a criminal conviction on your record, you know the negative impact it can have on your life.  From job applications, apartment leases, loans, voting and the right to carry a firearm, a criminal conviction can impact many aspects of your life.  

Even if you were arrested and never convicted, that arrest can still show up on your background and hurt your chances for building a better future for yourself. 

An Experienced Mississippi Expungement Attorney can guide you through the process of clearing your record and help you get your past behind you.

Attorney Jared K. Tomlinson has handled hundreds of cases throughout Mississippi.  You can put his experience to work for you today and rest easy knowing that your case is in caring and professional hands.

Located in Madison, Mississippi, Attorney Jared K. Tomlinson will personally handle your Expungement from beginning to end, give you the answers you need, and will work fast to make sure you can get back to your life without having to worry about your past. 

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