Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorney - Shoplifting


If you have been charged with shoplifting in Mississippi, it is imperative that you hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney that will take the time to understand your case and the evidence against you, expose any false or unsupported allegations, or misidentification, and defend your rights effectively and professionally.

Madison, Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorney Jared K. Tomlinson will investigate your case and put the government’s evidence under careful scrutiny and will work tirelessly to have evidence suppressed and the charges dismissed. 

Shoplifting generally involves the taking merchandise offered for sale by a merchant without paying the stated price, or altering price tags.  Penalties vary depending on the value of the item stolen and if the charge is a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd offense

Attorney Jared K. Tomlinson is centrally located in Madison, Mississippi, and prepared to represent those facing shoplifting charges throughout Mississippi.  He will personally handle your case from beginning to end, and will work with you to ensure that your case is handled professionally and properly to protect your rights and your future.

An experienced Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorney can help you avoid or lessen the potential consequences you are facing.  Call or contact Attorney Jared K. Tomlinson today to discuss your case and begin preparing your defense.

Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorney Jared K. Tomlinson is based centrally in Madison, Mississippi and proudly serves clients throughout Jackson, Madison, Ridgeland, Brandon, Flowood, Starkville, Oxford, Mendenhall, and any other location in Mississippi.